About Me

Through my travels I am continuously amazed at how beautiful the world can be.


I enjoy sharing my photos with others, especially when I know a particular photo has helped someone connect with a place from their past experiences or future dreams.  The goal of my fine art photography is to help you to experience what it would be like to be there yourself. And, if you have been there, to help you to relive the memory.

While taking road trips, hiking, and camping around the Western United States, I began using photography to capture more than simply lthe memories, but also the feelings I experienced in these amazing places.  More recently, I lived in Europe, then Utah, before returning to the Pacific Northwest.  Each time I had my camera, and each time I found new opportunities for learning what makes a good picture.  Many of the images on this site are from those travels, along with some taken more recently along the US West Coast closer to my home in Portland, Oregon.

Thank-you for viewing my images.  I hope you have found one or two that inspire you.

Paul Grandjean
503-939-1512 (+1 from outside U.S.)

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